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depositworld –the most warm investment program to you.

BtcMajor.com provides a full investment service focused on the Bitcoin trading market and Forex trading market. We gives you the opportunity to achieve your financial freedom even though you do not have the experience to do so. Just register on our website, put the money into an account and enjoy the high profits.

Besides providing a secure investing climate, a range of effective investment plans and professional support in online investing, we also ensure that you get optimum level of security and privacy. No personal information is divulged to any third party. We work hard to ensure that our clients are satisfied with our assistance and services.

You can make a investment at any moment, and you can get your profit in 1-3 days. And remember that the more you deposit, the more you earn. We have highly profitable investment plans, and you can just choose the more interesting for you. You will be surprised how many people work for our company. And you can earn a huge sum of money without any efforts. Simply deposit money and wait. All the rest will be made by our experts. They are engaged in it for all life, and we can give you guarantees that you won't risk your money.

To start work with us and to do profitable investments you must read the company rules and make a deposit. Start earning money today and make your life much better with btcmajor.

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Our clients tell us we are unique for a variety of important reasons including:

  • SECURITY-Our website resides on a dedicated server with DDoS protection and SSL certificates, so attacks are virtually impossible.
  • PRIVACY-We keep safe of all clients information. Information about your activity on the website is private and can't be accessed by third parties.
  • SPEED-Funds are credited instantly in automatic mode. Instant payment is available for all ecurrency.
  • PROFESSION-Fund is managed by a team of experienced financial specialists, of lawyers, professional trade analysts who have been working on the currency exchange market for more than 10 years on average.
  • MOBILITY-You can access your personal dashboard anytime, anywhere – 24/7.
  • BENEFITS-You earn up to 3% of the deposit for every referral deposit.

Our Features


Withdrawal requests process Instantly. You can make as many requests as you want everyday.


We use SSL and powerful server. It will make our server safety and protect our user privacy.


We have financial expert team with focused investment experience, a transparent process you understand and a cohesive team who has your best interests in mind.


We provide unbeatable support service through ticket system, email and phone to cater your needs and give a professional, fast and effectively DepositWorld.